Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KT Tunstall, Live ...

I made a post-New Year's resolution to see at least one show a month. Not necessarily a big show - not everything needs to be Coldplay - but live music, once a month.

Last month, Coldplay.

This month, so far, the symphony and KT Tunstall tonight at the Park West.

Next month, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can make something happen on Pearl Jam tix. We'll see.

But tonight was KT. I never catch shows at the Park West (well, not often enough, anyway) and that's a shame, cuz it's a great place to see a set.

David Ford opened for her and he was terrific. When the boy gets his butt around to releasing an album, I'll buy it for sure.

But KT? Cute. As. A. Bug. Totally relaxed on stage, having a great time, chatting with the crowd in between songs. Surprisingly, she did "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" fourth. I thought for sure she'd close with it, seeing as how it's her big single. But no. I think she played everything on her CD, as well as a couple new tracks. It was all good, though both Jay and Dave complained about the bassist. Or the guy who was running the board who should have taken the bass down. They're both in bands. They're more tuned into that stuff. I noticed it, but I wasn't annoyed by it.

No, I was annoyed by the chicks sitting on the other side of Jay who would NOT SHUT UP. What IS that? What's the point in catching a show to talk through the whole thing? I mean, sure, comment on a song or something - Jay and I weren't mute the whole time ourselves - but sheesh.

Still, KT didn't seem to care. Tonight was the last date on this tour, and tomorrow she's off to L.A. to appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." She has no idea who our talk shows hosts are, but she doesn't care. This is her time in the sun, dammit. One of the stories she was telling the crowd was about a regular slot she had at an open-mic night at a Chicago bar ... in 1995. Another classic example of an "overnight" success who took 10 years to get there.

And she has a Scottish accent I could actually understand.

I ended up having an extra ticket for the show. Jay called a couple friends, but they couldn't make it on short notice. I thought about calling G. He likes her music. But I was in the car when the idea struck, and he's no longer in my cell phone, so I couldn't call him. (I never did memorize his numbers.) And I asked the chick in the will-call closet if I could leave it with her to give to someone who wanted to catch the show at the last minute, but she said she couldn't take it.

I went outside, but didn't find anyone looking for a ticket. So I stuck it in my back pocket and went inside. Jay and I sat ourselves down on some stools along the side of the space and had a perfect view of the stage.

All for 15 bucks. Plus fees. Ticketmaster "convenience" fees. Because it's convenient to charge people more than 33 percent in fees on a 15 dollar ticket.


But Jay saw the guy who plays Steve on "Sex and the City" down the street from the Park West. Does he live in Chicago?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes... I believe "Steve" does live in Chicago (he grew up in Naperville). He's also currently doing a show here.

8:42 AM  

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