Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kelsie Update ...

A couple posts back, I wrote about Kelsie, the amazing 11-year-old who's losing her sight and making it her mission to raise money to help buy books for the libraries ravaged by Katrina. What an amazing kid.

I want to donate to her cause, but her site only accepts donations through PayPal. I'd rather write a check. So I wrote to Kelsie to ask if there was P.O. Box number to which I could sent my donation.

Kelsie wrote back this morning. Here's what she had to say:

Thank you for the response. And the kind words. It means a lot to me to hear that I am making a difference. The mailing address is:
Kelsie's Books
P.O. Box 506
Morton, MS 39117
If you include your return address I will send you a receipt, also the foundation is registered with the State. So, you will get the tax deduction for you donation.
Thank you so much, Kelsie Buckley

If anyone else is interested, there you go.


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