Thursday, April 20, 2006

Items Of Note ...

♪ Today, in Crown Point, I paid $2.97 for a gallon of regular unleaded. Something is seriously, seriously wrong when $10 barely buys 3 gallons of gas. I have a 16-gallon tank. Fifty bucks per fill-up? Joel Weissman on "Chicago Tonight" is talking to a panel from the oil companies, the auto industry, and a consumer-advocacy group. Joel is asking stupid questions, such as asking the oil-company guy if they're in bed with Congress. Yeah, Joel, you'll get a straight answer there.

♪ There's nothing on TV tonight, so I landed on ABC for a few minutes and watched a bit of "American Inventor." I had to turn it off. Jesus, it's depressing. The contestant at hand is the inventor of BulletBall, a ping-pong/air-hockey hybrid that you play with your hands. He came up with the idea one night when he was sitting at a table with his wife (now ex-wife) and they were rolling a ball back and forth and began to swat it across the table with increasing speed and force. But ABC is known for its high drama (I'm pretty bummed that the producers of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" search so deliberately for such hard-luck stories), so not only does this man have a dream to bring his game to the market, he's given up everything: His wife, his home, his car. He's living out of a Volvo station wagon with 300,000 miles on it. And I don't have to tell you that the judges told him that his idea is never going to sell. I thought the man was going to have a breakdown on national television. He tried to hold a brave face and respectfully disagree, but it was too painful to watch. I turned off the TV.

♪ I am in love with Hank Azaria and "Huff." I don't have cable or satellite (yes, *I'm* the one person in this country under the age of 60 who doesn't) but I saw the pilot episode back in the day, and have been renting the first season from Netflix. Wow. It's one of the best things I've ever seen on a television screen. The writing is frickin' genius.

♪ "Alias" is back and as mind-blowing as ever. (See, Dave? I TOLD you Vaughn was still alive!) It's a damn shame that that show never found a bigger audience because it's great TV. But at least I'll still have "Lost." I hope J.J. Abrams got his Cruise/Scientology innoculation before making "M:I 3."

♪ I've been making some good headway on the screenplay. At this rate, it might actually get done this year!

♪ Spring has finally arrived in Chicagoland. I have two yellow tulips blooming in front of my house. When I moved in here, my friend Joanne gave me tulip bulbs as a housewarming gift, which I thought was brilliant. So I planted them, and the resident squirrels promptly dug most of them up and took little squirrel bites out of them, like they were tasting a sampler of chocolates. Squirrel bastards. But two survived, and every spring, they bloom. And I've also already had to cut my grass for the first time this year. And I'll be cutting until November. Ah, homeownership.

♪ I took an IQ test tonight that's broken down by categories in addition to supplying an overall score. My highest score - 146 - was in spelling. I guess I'm on the right track with this writer thing then.

♪ I now have nearly 4,000 songs in my iPod. And now, tonight, it's time to take it for a walk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your IQ is so high, why complain about gas prices? The elevated gas prices are simple economics, supply and demand. The US demands cheap gas but the supply is limited. Why? Your so smart, figure it out.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Marc Griffin said...

I'm the Bulletball Guy and I'm doing just fine. BulletBall is my dream but not my life....and don't forget that AI is a "reality tv program" first and farmost. I'm enjoying my stay in Chicago!


9:30 PM  

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