Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fast Food V ...

Well, here we are: the end of Day 8.

Who knew I'd make it this far? I know I didn't.

Two more days and then I get to start introducing food back into my diet. Well, food is overstating things a bit. You start with diluted juice, which, uh, is pretty much what I've been drinking all along. But by Sunday night, I should be able to have a salad or something light. Sunday will be the 14th day of this experience.

I am more surprised than anyone that I've been able to not eat anything for so many days. But I feel completely fine physically. And proud of myself, to boot. There's nothing like a little personal challenge to boost your self-esteem.

I spend a lot of time - a LOT of time - inside my comfort zone. That is one of the many ways in which I take after my father. But every once in a while, the little voice in my head whispers, "Pssst! Beth! Do this! This will be interesting! This will give you something to write about! This will remind you that you're capable of doing things you never thought possible!"

A hell of a lesson, and I need to be reminded from time to time.

L.A. Dave and I talked about my life last night, the "problem" I have of having too many options. There are so many things I could do, so many directions I could go. I get overwhelmed by the possibility. Or maybe it's adult ADD. I like to do so many things that I never seem to focus on one for very long.

Ultimately, it's a lovely problem to have. No, not a problem. A situation. It's a lovely situation to be in. Should I be a screenwriter? Should I be a jazz singer? Should I be a cookie magnate? Should I be an interior designer? Should I be a voiceover artist?

Happily, I can do all of them. Or I can pursue all of them, anyway.

But first, I have to get through the next two days. The last two days. I'm even starting to tolerate the taste of the Fireball Punch.

Now that's progress.


Anonymous Ethan said...

Regardless of any contrary opinions, I applaud your stick-tuitiveness. Hang in there for 2 more days....!

9:22 PM  

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