Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fast Food IV ...

Today is Day 6.

Yesterday, I ate a grape.

I didn't plan on eating a grape. But I was at the store, picking up a few things - milk, juice, fruit - for my parents who returned from a vacation last night, and mom loves her red seedless grapes and, well, you can't just buy grapes on sight. You have to try one. So I found what looked to be a good bunch and popped one in my mouth and then thought, "There's a grape in my mouth." And given that there was nowhere to spit it out (not discreetly, anyway), I swallowed it.

Last night, I felt a twinge of a cramp. Haven't felt that before on this cleanse. Laughed and thought, "Well, that's the sensation of one grape being digested."

I shuttled them home last night, but it was really this morning. So we didn't talk much. I just got them in their house and let them get to bed. Mom called this morning to catch up a bit. "You looked absolutely beautiful last night," she said.

Well, I *was* kinda dolled up. I had gone to the symphony with Doreen. (As we were leaving Symphony Center last night, Doreen said, "It's a Scotch kind of night. Too bad you can't have any." Indeed.)

"You looked so slim," she said.

"I was wearing black," I said.

But I was looking slimmer last night. And this cleanse is partly to thank. That and the fact that I continue to exercise and up until the point when I stopped eating, I was eating pretty well, healthfully. All part of the master plan.

"You're father's not happy that you're doing this," she said.

"I know. I even had a dream about him not being happy that I'm doing this," I said.

Dad is very old school. Dad does not like anything outside of the status quo. Dad still listens to The Doobie Brothers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like certain artists and will listen to them forever. But dad doesn't like anything new. One day, we went CD shopping at Best Buy because his new truck came with a CD player. As we walked through the parking lot to the store, I made a wide, sweeping gesture with my arm and said, "I invite you to explore the wide world of music released since 1976."

He bought The Doobie Brothers and The Bee-Gees.

Like I said, old school.

So dad likely thinks that I'm simply starving myself. (Some of you may think that, too.) But I'm not. I'm getting nutrition. It's just in a weird form. Contrary to what you might think, this lemonade mixture really does provide nutrients. Maple syrup is nothing but sugar and vitamins and minerals. Lemon juice provides lots of vitamins and other nifty stuff off the periodic table that our bodies need. Water is always a good thing. I drink tons of it anyway. And for those of you who simply refuse to believe that it's enough, what I'm ingesting, well, I won't be able to change your minds. But something is going right, cuz it's not like I'm lying in bed, weak from lack of food. I feel fine. I walk two miles every morning and, if it's not too cold, I walk two more miles at night. I'm not starving. Yeah, I get hungry, but so do you. I have another glass of Fireball Punch and the hunger goes bye-bye.

On Thursday, I spoke with Susan Levin, a registered dietician who works for the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C. Dr. Neal Barnard is the president and founder, and I've interviewed him the past for stories and gotten to know him and members of his staff. I respect the work of his organization. (Yes, Henry, I know, you think they're quacks, but I've addressed that in posts in the past.) Susan told me that PCRM doesn't have an official stance on fasting/cleansing, but her own take on it, from the point of a dietician, was pleasantly measured. I was expecting something militant and condemning, that this is a horrible idea and I should quit immediately. But as she pointed out, various religions and cultures have been fasting for thousands of years.

As for the cleanse, she figures as long as you're getting nutrition through liquids, it's fine to do for a while. I explained to her that I want to do this as a springboard of sorts toward eating better (most of PCRM's staffers are vegan, by the way), and she fully supported that thinking. She thinks it's good for people to stop consuming their daily allotments of bad food and give their bodies a break and feel what it feels like to not have all that stuff in your system. It does raise your awareness of what "healthy" can feel like.

So today is Day 6. Ten days is the minimum recommendation. Some do it for longer. I think 10 days will likely be enough for me this time around. But we'll see how the week goes.


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I don't completely think they are quacks, but they do have an political agenda and yes you have addressed this in previous posts.

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