Friday, April 28, 2006

Aw, Hell No ...

Apparently, hell just froze over because I actually find myself on the same side of an issue as Bush: The national anthem should be sung in English.

I've been annoyed for some time by bi-lingual packaging of everything from masking tape to tampons, but I draw the frickin' line at the national anthem being sung in Spanish.

Hey, I dig Spanish people, Spanish music, Spanish food, Spanish culture. Welcome to the United States of America. Let's get this immigration thing figured out once and for all. You bet.

And once you're living here, I don't expect you to never speak another word of Spanish. But when it's time to sing the national anthem, sorry, either you learn it (and you can learn it phonetically; not everyone who sings a song in another language can actually speak the language) or you just sit it out.


Anonymous @$$hole said...

Maybe one of those over paid bilingual teachers that work for the government school system can teach them english? Oh wait, they are paid to teach immigrants the school subjects in spanish. I wonder what they are learning in governement subsidized spanish classes? That may day is a great day to boycott? I smell communism.

6:38 PM  

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