Sunday, March 12, 2006

Unexpected Surprise ...

One of the good things about having a ginormous CD collection is that I forget about a lot of what I own.

To wit: I was at the iTunes store earlier, and a John Hiatt CD popped up in my mini-store, a greatest-hits collection. I love John Hiatt, but I wondered how many of those songs I own on separate albums, and whether I could recreate the greatest hits myself.

So I went to the shelf where John HIatt's music resides and amused myself when I said, "I have four John Hiatt CDs?!" I'd completely forgotten about one of the albums. And the one I'd forgotten about is the one that has the most songs from the greatest hits CD, so I popped it in my computer to import it into iTunes, and then put it on the stereo.

As I write this, Keith Urban is crooning out of my speakers. I seem to be veering toward country music lately. Not that Keith is a country artist, he's much more pop than country. And John Hiatt is classified as "Rock" in iTunes, but he has a decidedly country feel, and he writes songs that other quasi-country artists sing, like Bonnie Raitt. And I'm all over the "Walk the Line" soundtrack these days.

Huh. Weird. Who's next? George Jones and Tammy Wynette?


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