Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Return Male ...

What were we saying about Mercury retrograde and people reappearing from your past?

Yesterday, College Boyfriend David appeared on my screen in an IM window. He was watching his students suffer through midterms and had time to chat, exceedingly rare time to chat. I checked my IM log and the last conversation I saved (and I can't remember having any other since) was December 22, 2004. Yes, 2004.

He asked for my numbers so he could put them in the phone he got to replace the one that died, and said he'd call me on his way home.

Which he did. I think the last time he and I spoke on the phone was in 2001.

Mind you, we trade the occasional e-mail during our long conversational droughts. But he's living in another part of the country with a very involved life and I am living here, with a life that is much less so.

But yesterday afternoon, the phone rang, and the second I heard his voice, it was like no time had passed. I marvel at that, and yet, it also doesn't surprise me at all. David has always been that person in my life with whom everything feels completely at ease. He is also the only ex I really stay in touch with, even if the touch points are few and far between.

He'll be heading to Chicago in the next couple months and said he'd be sure to stop by. I haven't seen him since 2000. When we first met, I was 19. Yesterday on the phone, he mentioned that he sometimes still thinks of me that way, that it's weird that I'm now "his age," as though years have closed the gap between us. (Hey, honey: You're still nearly 6 years older than me.) But we talked about how age differences seem smaller, the older you get. An 18-year-old dating a 25-year-old is much different than a 28-year-old dating a 35-year-old. Or, as would be the case with us, a 36-year-old dating a 42-year-old (he's already had his birthday, mine's not til near the end of the year).

Some days, I wonder if there's still something in the cards for David and me. I wonder if we'll end up like one of those cute older couples in the "documentary" part of "When Harry Met Sally ..." talking about how they met in college but then life kept them apart for years and they led separate lives, only to run into each other 40 years later.

I know this much: David would still be the best kisser on the planet.


Anonymous Ethan said...

What were we saying about Mercury retrograde and people reappearing from your past?

As we discussed over tea and jam* this morning, that would be Venus retrograde, which ended at least a month ago. However people have the propensity to turn up when and where you least expect them to, astrology or not.

* I was eating that anyway.

9:08 PM  

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