Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Posting For Posting's Sake? ...

I just wrote a blog entry but it was too depressing to post.

Having a blog challenges me to write every day. I want to have something new posted when people surf on by with their morning cup of joe.

But man, some days, this blog kicks my ass. Performance anxiety, I guess. I don't want to let readers down. And I know not every post is going to knock one out of the park, but some days, it's really hard to come up with a topic.

Work is a big drain for the past two weeks. Crazy busy. Working early in the morning, working late at night. I think I'm karmically making up for all the time I had free when I was "freelancing." I sure as hell am earning my paycheck this month.

But that's not why you stopped by, to read my rant about work.

When I was a junior in high school, Kevin Frommer, a classmate of mine in the most useless English class in the history of English classes, once said, "You can't be creative on cue." No shit.

Doreen recommended an article in Vanity Fair to me (the one with the nekkid Keira Knightly on the cover) about a screenwriter who's achieving a nice level of success these days after years of toil. That's not new. That's every story in Hollywood, right? But the thing that separates this man from the boys is that he wrote a manifesto.

Not a whacked-out Ted Kaczynski, livin'-in-a-shack-in-Montana manifesto, but a code of sorts. Rules he made for himself to live by, and one of them is that he won't write unless he's inspired. Which is probably easier for him these days than for many of us, given that he has many movies in production and is about to direct his first film and is dating one of the cute girls from The WB's "Related." But it's a good rule nonetheless.

Creativity is a fickle mistress. Sometimes, it just doesn't want to show up. Sometimes, it parks its ass on the couch wherever it lives and doesn't budge. Well, maybe it gets up for a snack, but it sure as hell doesn't show its face just because we want it to.

Today, apparently, is one of those days.

Or maybe I just spent my daily allotment of clever making my cousin's birthday gift tonight, in which case, you guys are the ones who suffer for it.

But I'll make it up to you on Friday. That's her birthday, and I can reveal what I made for her. I'm very pleased.


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