Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hit The High Notes ...

♪ Pat, who writes Stacked (linked under my Links, to the right), one of my daily must-read blogs, occasionally puts together a collection of not-necessarily-related items that he likes to call Bulletz or Bullet Pointz. This is a direct rip-off of that approach, not that he invented the idea of a bullet point, but he's my inspiration for this list, and I give credit where it's due.

♪ On that note, so to speak, Pat has been nice enough to link to my blog from his site, which I just noticed for the first time today, and when I mouse over my link, the description I see is "A Northwestern Blogga Chick." Which is sweet, except that I didn't go to Northwestern. I've worked at plenty of newspapers and all of my newspaper pals went to Medill, but I didn't, since I wasn't ever planning on working in the media. It just kinda happened. No, I have a degree in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago. My degree focus was non-fiction writing, but I only took one actual journalism class, which was taught by Rob Moore, who I thought was about the coolest human being on the planet at the time. He taught part-time because he had a "real" job that required the wearing of suits, which he wore to class, but he paired his suits with the most bizarre ties I'd ever seen. I think I remember him saying he trolled through thrift stores to find them.

♪ OK, got way off topic there, but what the hell. Next!

♪ Fell asleep last night watching "Monster-in-Law." Dear God, what a crappy movie. So why did I watch it, you ask? Because some movies get such bad buzz that I am drawn to discover their awfulness for myself. Normally, I blog about the movies I see. This movie does not warrant its own post (hence the decision to do the bullet list), but Elaine Stritch is worth a mention. She's the best thing about the movie. Problem is, she's only in it for five minutes. Toward the end.

♪ On a walk this morning, I strolled past a house with a lot of lawn ornaments. Did anyone else know that you can buy a lawn-ornament cobra?

♪ Awake early yesterday morning, I turned on the TV to discover the infomercial for the Smart Technique Automatic Fat Loss Program. Aside from the fact that it drives me nuts that people will do just about anything in the hopes of being able to lose weight while continuing to sit on their asses, I thought to myself, "Shit! Do you really think it's a good idea to let someone go messing around with your subconscious?" If the technique works (and I'm guessing it doesn't), how do we know the creators of it aren't programming us to do their evil bidding?

♪ L.A. Dave, also linked to the right (The Corner of Clark & Addison), wrote a fab post about The Gobfather, Ben & Jerry's newest flavor. Ohmygod, it's good. The ice cream, I mean. Well, the post is good, too. Read Dave's post then go buy a pint.

♪ More head-shaking news out of Texas, from Reuters: "Texas has begun sending undercover agents into bars to arrest drinkers for being drunk."


Anonymous Pat said...

I like the notes as bulletz. Good work.

For some reason I thought you had posted a comment once mentioning that you too went to Northwestern. My mistake. Too bad UI loses to us each year lately at football. Go 'Cats!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I was remiss in not mentioning Wanda Sykes in "Monster-In-Law" - she makes the movie palatable until Elaine Stritch shows up. It's too bad that the overall suckage of the movie makes me unable to recommend it, even for Wanda's sassy-ass performance.

9:26 AM  

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