Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Patty! ...

I find it fitting that my 400th post will be about what I gave Patty for her birthday (March 24).

I created a list of songs based on searches of words that made me think of her (e.g., sock monkey, Pez, Jell-O, Fluffy, book). Her parents were known to me as Uncle Bud and Aunt Chick. I couldn't believe there was a song called Uncle Bud. I couldn't find one called Aunt Chick, but I think I've got her covered.

And it's very important for you to know that Bun is the stuffed rabbit she's owned for nearly her entire life. So finding "Bun" by Bun B was quite a coup. (Their last name is Berg.) In fact, I'll include a picture of Bun and his new geisha here. (Patty's brother, Barry, travels to Asia often for work.) Bun has a better wardrobe than I do. And more cool loot.

There's some good stuff in this list. Get thee to iTunes and check 'em out for yourself. This is the e-mail I just sent to her, after sending the playlist to her from iTunes to download in the morning:

Happy Birthday!

I think iTunes allowed me to put the songs in a specific order, but just in case, here's what I'm thinkin' (and what I was thinkin' when I picked 'em for you):

1. Trailer Park Love by Monkey
The "monkey" search preceded the "sock monkey" search, but like I was *not* going to give you a song called "Trailer Park Love"?! (And I love that the album is "Cruel Tutelage.")

2. Sock Monkey by Sugarman Three
Well, duh. To listen to while you wear your PJs. And maybe a beret.

3. Uncle Bud by Boozoo Chavis and The Magic Sounds
I was first drawn to Boozoo Chavis because the title of the album is "Who Stole My Monkey?", but when I saw "Uncle Bud," well ...

4. Chick a Boom Boom Boom by Mocean Worker
Equal time for your mom. Surprisingly, no one has recorded a song called "Aunt Chick."

5. Fluffy World by Mabel Dawn Davis
Your favorite word, and who doesn't dream of a fluffy world? Besides, this woman's vocal is just too weird not to own.

6. You're a Pezhead by Taylor Davis
Because you are. Or you used to be. Either way, it's a Patty-association word for me.

7. Bun by Bun B
HELLO?! BUN by BUN B?! Is there a more perfect thing on the PLANET?! And now we know what he's doing when you're not home.

8. Bun Bun by Natural Bridge Crew
Nothing, of course, can top Bun by Bun B, but "Bun Bun" is fun to say.

9. San Diego by L.A. Symphony
Any song that can rap "black Winnebago" and "cream-cheese bagel" is a song for you!

10. You're the Only One (The Jell-O Song) by Jason Wanner
I didn't even try looking for a song called "Ribbon Mold," but "The Jell-O Song" was something I couldn't pass up anyway.

11. Across Afrika (In Search of Coffee) by Macbruce
Needing the coffee to make the coffee, even if you have to go to Africa to get it.

12. You're So Fine by The Violets
Because you are (so fine) and you love them (violets).

13. Friend Like Me by Roy Book Binder
Cuz the dude's name was too clever, and only a friend (cousin) like me would give you such a crazy-ass collection of tunes for your birthday.

14. Nap(oleon) Hangs Up the Phone by John Swihart

15. Elf by Liquefaction
There are no "Elf" tunes on iTunes (from the movie), but I dug this.

16. Wayne's World by Adam Niewood
Ditto "Wayne's World," but I dug this, too.

17. The Velveteen Rabbit by George Winston
Because I was searching on "rabbit" and because it's George Winston and because it was a sweet, pretty way to wrap up the collection.



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