Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Craziness Has Abated ...

Come on, everybody. Take a big, deep cleansing breath with me: And inhale! And exhale!

The work insanity came to an end this afternoon. Now I will shift into what - according to my calendar - is a normal work load.

At the outset of last week, I knew I was in for a week and a half of hell. "Just put your head down and get through it," I told myself.

And here we are. Woo hoo!

I love that time passes. Sometimes it passes too quickly for my taste, but when I'm faced with a bad situation, I remind myself that it will soon be behind me, that one day, I'll look back on said bad situation and things will no longer be bad.

I have a big desk blotter calendar thing on which I jot down deadlines for work, and tomorrow's box is entirely free of entries. Of course, that's because I haven't had time in the past week and a half to update it, and I do indeed have work to do tomorrow, but the crunch is over.

And yet, despite the craziness and the long hours and all, the latent Puritan in me digs hard work. Makes me feel all proud and stuff.


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