Friday, February 17, 2006

Tuneage ...

Ah, iTunes and the Music Store.

I love that the days of having to actually get in the car and go to a store to buy a CD are over. Any day, any time, I can have any music I want in seconds. When I became a member of the DSL community, I feared for my credit cards.

When I was a dial-up girl, grabbing a song took 20 minutes. The most damage I could do was $3 an hour. But with DSL, a song downloads in about 30 seconds. Oh dear. This could be bad.

As many of you know, I own a lot of CDs. But lately, I've been feeling my age. I have little idea what the "kids" are listening to. I recently bought CDs by the Gorillaz, Killers, and Fall Out Boy just to see what my nephew keeps talking about. Happily, he likes my Franz Ferdinand discs - some common ground, seeing as how, as Tom Selleck as Richard Burke on "Friends" said: "I'm a whole person who can drink older than you."

But perhaps the best thing about iTunes and the Music Store are the free downloads. Every Tuesday, a cool new tune by a band I never would have heard of otherwise. Some weeks, I skip it. But that's very rare.

So the other day, I made a playlist in iTunes of all the weekly freebies. Wow. It makes for a great collection. I burned a CD of 'em, which is on my stereo right now, loud. (I don't have the adapter yet to play my iPod through my stereo. I'll get around to it.)

To date, I haven't bought any of the albums by any of these featured artists, so in that way, Apple is not achieving its goal in this household, but it does have my undying loyalty, not that my allegiance to Apple was ever in question.

(I have been, and always will be, a Mac girl. I use a PC for work because I have to, but it's an inferior machine. Yeah, you heard me.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So we had a big discussion at work last night on whether we could say Fergie was singing the national anthem at the Daytona 500 and people would know it was Fergie of the Black-eyed Peas, or Sarah Ferguson. Luckily, at age 48, I knew exactly to whom we were referring ... can't say that about some of my colleagues, some of whom are considerably younger. The older I get, the more I read up to make sure I don't make a complete idiot of myself!

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