Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Horror, The Horror ...

File this under: Things That Should Not Be

Some days, Marc, a friend from my Thomson days, directs my eyes to some truly excellent Web content.

This is not one of those days.

Clicking on the title of the post will take you to Disney's Dev2.0 site, and if you're around my age, you'll think, "DEVO? No, wait. Oh, thank God. That says Dev2.0."

That's just the Disney machine trying to be clever, because indeed, these teeny-boppers are in fact performing DEVO tunes. Audio will launch automatically, so if your computer has speakers, be prepared for the aural onslaught.

The album is due in March. There will be a tour. There are videos and downloads on the site, buddy icons, wallpaper. Games are coming soon.

But lest you think the members of DEVO are spinning in their funky red plastic hats, I quote:

"DEVO, one of the '80s most innovative and iconic bands, has partnered with Disney Sound to bring their hits to a new generation with DEVO 2.0, a combination CD/DVD package set for release on March 14th. The original members of DEVO rerecorded ten of their old songs (some with revamped lyrics) and two brand new ones with DEVO 2.0, a group of five talented kids aged 10-13.

" 'The concept is about the energy and aesthetic of DEVO being passed like an Olympic torch to a new generation,' said DEVO frontman Gerald V. Casale, who directed all 9 newly created music videos on the DVD.

"The platinum-selling band handpicked the kids Nicole, Jackie, Nathan, Michael and Kane to don the famous 'energy domes' and become DEVO 2.0; unlike the original DEVO, DEVO 2.0 is a co-ed affair, with lead singer Nicole and keyboardist Jackie lending diversity to the DEVO chemistry. 'I'm honored to be the new Mark Mothersbaugh,' declared Nicole."

From the About page, we learn of Nicole: "She would like to be a famous singer, but would also like to be a doctor." Nicole, you might want to start studying for the GMAT now.

A bit of my adolescence just died.


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