Friday, February 17, 2006

Flashback ...

I am a sap.

I've said it before (and I'll say it again): I'll cry over a well-made commerical for soup.

Soup. Coffee. Greeting cards. Whatever. Pour on the schmaltz and I'm a puddle.

I'm also fascinated, as you know, but the link between music and memory.

Tonight, I watched "Elizabethtown." Early on in the movie is a flashback, backed by a tune by Helen Stellar called "Io."

And instantly, it was cold and snowy December. My dad was in the hospital. Mom was at her wit's end, trying to keep it all together. Christmas was coming. They were finalizing the sale of their business. She needed to be at work but she needed to be at the hospital, but all the while, life was still happening and she needed to tend to that, too. I tried to help where I could. Tried to get to the hospital every day to see dad. Things were still rather new with G. I was still finding my way with my new job. I was baking far too many cookies, a mostly vain attempt at normalcy.

One night, Dave, the love, sent me the Helen Stellar tune with this note: "I offer you this fab tune from my new faves Helen Stellar. Dim the lights, crank it up and let this tune take you. It will calm you."

I did. And it did.

And that's what I thought of tonight when I heard it in the movie: Small, seemingly insignificant gestures of kindness that, unbeknownst to the gesturer, are never forgotten by the gesturee.

I thought of him, and his kindness and concern, and I cried.


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