Thursday, February 02, 2006

'Cinderella Man' ...

That little Ronnie Howard, he can make a movie, can't he?

Last year was a so-so year for me and the movies. I saw some of what I wanted to see in the theaters, but I missed a lot of movies, too.

So "Cinderella Man" has been in my Netflix queue since before it was even released and it finally arrived today.

Russell Crowe may be a petulant man, but if he throws a phone as well as he throws a punch, well, maybe the whole phone-throwing thing was part of his method acting. Maybe he was stuck in character.

I think boxing is the most absurd activity on the planet. I refuse to call it a sport. Two people trying to beat the living hell out of each other isn't a sport. It's stupidity.

But in the '30s, when America needed a hero, James Braddock was there, a principled man, good husband, loving father. The scene in which Crowe literally has to hold out his hat broke my heart.

I haven't seen all of the Best Film nominees, but this one, no pun intended, surely should have been a contender. I think it was indeed released too early in the year to seriously vie for Oscar, but it's terrific. Definitely one to add to the DVD collection. I love Ron Howard's commentaries. They're like a day in film school.


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