Monday, February 06, 2006

'Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction' ...

OK, so I just watched a trailer for "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction."

Let's ask the obvious question: Why?

"Basic Instinct" bowed in 1992. My calendar tells me that this is 2006. Fourteen years? Shouldn't there be some sort of statute of limitations on sequels? Shouldn't a sequel appear as soon as you can get it made? Three years between "Shrek" films is acceptable because it takes three years to make a "Shrek" film. But 14 years? Then again, "Bambi II" is being released on video tomorrow, and "Bambi" first traumatized children in 1942. So I guess the record is 64 years. Nevermind.

Let's ask the next question: How old is Sharon Stone these days anyway?

IMDb tells me that she's about to turn 48. Well, good for her and her personal trainer. She has a great body, and you see a lot of it in this movie. I hope she was paid a bundle to strip for this flick, cuz it sure ain't gonna do anything for her acting cred.

(As I signed into Blogger to write this, I fired up iTunes and the song that came up was U2's "Desire." That amused me.)

Toward the end of the trailer, the "pasty guy" (as he's refered to on Defamer) says, if you'll excuse my language, "This is fucked up." Well, yeah. Didn't he see the first movie?

Apparently, to prove that this movie is different, the writers radically changed the central conceit. So in the sequel, Catherine Tramell abandons her unhealthy relationship with an ice pick and takes up with a letter opener instead.

And yes, she's still bisexual. And yes, there are still cars flying through the streets at high speeds, this time in London.

March 31, if you care.

(Michael Douglas is not in this movie, of course. He's too busy being married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think CZJ will stick around long enough to change Michael's poopoo diaper someday? You know when he gets a stroke like his poppa. Strokes do run int he family.

2:32 PM  

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