Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where Did That Come From? ...

OK, dreaming weirdness. What the heck?

So, I was in the backyard of the house I grew up in. It was nighttime. I had helped this young girl make a kite, and we were flying it using a large spool of curling ribbon as the tether.

Later, Greg Kinnear was there, and turns out, we were dating. But the kite, up in the night, caught fire (it was made of butcher paper) and disintegrated in the sky.

But then later later, I was in my kitchen, here, in my house today, and Bono was sitting at the counter. Just hangin' with me. I was fixing us lunch. He was opting for lasagne, but he also wanted salad and cantaloupe, so I made salad dressing and then put the cantaloupe, lettuce, and tomatoes in one bowl. An odd combination, with roasted garlic dressing. As we were chatting, though, I told him I was dating G (which didn't stand for Greg at that point), and "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" came on my stereo and when the lyric "You're the reason why the opera's in me" came up, I teared up and Bono asked why.

But then later later later, I realized I hadn't asked Bono to sign the "autograph" book Greg Kinnear had given to me (and signed, to me, about us starting to date), so I went to this HUGE installation in the middle of an ocean where the band was before leaving for their next gig. HUGE, as in there was this chute along the right-hand side of it, kind of an on-ramp into the ocean, and the cruise ship I was on (because I had to go home to get the autograph book and my camera) was dwarfed by this hulking concrete thing in the middle of the ocean, and the water in the chute was very rough, and the captain of the ship steered us right through it, even though waves were crossing the bow.

As I was leaving on the ship, I noticed Bono standing outside, sipping out of a Subway cup.

So I finally get back to the huge installation thing, but I'm walking through this massive parking lot and it's dark outside. And there are all these people, most in various states of dishevelment, and I finally get to the doors and go inside and it's like I'm in a casino: plush carpeting, wide stairways. And I see Larry walking down the stairs with some woman and I think, "Good, Bono's still here." And I go up the stairs but end up in this rather grungy place, faux wood paneling, wiring tacked to the walls, ancient upholstered furniture. And I go through a doorway and realize I've tripped a silent alarm, so the next door I go through brings me face to face with a security guard with his gun drawn, pointing at me. I tell him what happened, and he picks up a phone and says, "I'm trying to make sergant downtown. Would you tell her what happened?" And he gives me the phone, but the cord is bad and the connection drops. So he calls again, and all I'm thinking is, "I'm going to miss Bono!"

I finally tell the woman what happened and find my autograph book (I guess I didn't bring it with me after all) and have to leave this space to get back to the casino part, but first I have to shut off all the lights, and I can't find all the light switches and there are lots of rooms. I finally spy a woman at a desk and say, "Oh, you're still working. Then I guess I shouldn't turn off all the lights," and flee out of this smaller-than-normal door and she's calling after me, but she's not calling my real name.

I go racing through the casino part, down stairs, and get to a landing where I see a bi-plane taking off. I'm dejected for a moment, then realize the whole band can't be on a two-seat plane, so I keep looking, and I find Bono and someone who works with him, this very pretty, very tall black woman. She's talking about spotting talent, and mentions a woman she saw when she was at my house (though I never saw her in that part of the dream) and she thinks she could really teach that girl to dance. Bono says, "Huh," as in "I don't agree, but I won't tell you you're wrong." And then he looks at me and says, "You sing, right?"


I don't have a CD on me, just a DVD for some reason, but when I try to cue up my song, it won't work. I finally get to the footage of me, but it's like a documentary of a recording session, intercut with interviews with me, and I can't get to my song before he has to leave.

Really. What the hell goes on in my head?!


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