Friday, January 06, 2006

'Real Simple' On TV ...

Well, thank God I found out about this in time so I can be sure not to watch it: Real Simple, the magazine, has spawned Real Simple, the TV show on PBS.

I've thumbed through a copy or two of the magazine. I don't subscribe because I already subscribe to too many mags, but the feature that stands out in my memory was about the best white towels for the money. Now, I love a good towel. Who doesn't? But you know what I do when I want to pick a towel? I go to the store and I feel them up. Or, if I have a particularly pleasant towel experience at someone's home, I note the brand of towel that brought on my terry-cloth rapture. Never in my life, when I've been in the market for a towel, have I wished there was a magazine to point me in the right direction.

But now comes "Real Simple" on PBS, debuting tomorrow, January 7 (so says its Web site). I watched a clip. How much fuller is my life now? Apparently, wine that comes in a little plastic bottle "tastes like wine." Good to know. If I want to save time in the kitchen when making a rustic peach tart, I should use pre-fab pie crust. Who could have ever thought of that on their own? And kids and adults alike at the Chicago Children's Museum like to stack up red, plastic Solo cups, "and, of course, the fun part is knocking them down!"

Yup, it's real simple all right ...


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