Sunday, January 29, 2006

'March of the Penguins' ...

I never saw this film when it was in theaters, which is a shame, because it's so breathtakingly beautiful, it would have been a joy to see on the big screen instead of on my 27-inch Sony.

But I'm glad to have seen it at last. It is truly amazing, as Roger Ebert said. I marveled at the footage the filmmakers shot, partly because of their proximity to the penguins, and partly because of the conditions. How does anything - man or camera - function in weather that's 80 degrees below 0, not counting the windchill created by 100-mile-per-hour winds?

I was amused, though, at one key point of Morgan Freeman's outstanding narration. You'll remember that many Christian organizations sang the praises of the film for its family theme. Penguin monogamy and all that?

Here, then, a quote from's review of the film:

"OBJECTIONABLE: The male and female penguins select a mate and are monogamous to each other for that season only. Morgan Freeman says, 'All bets are off' referring to the next season when they will choose a different mate. It seemed inappropriate and out of place in relation to the rest of the movie."

"Inappropriate and out of place"? Because it's the truth? Because it punches a hole in the monogamy story they want the penguins to convey? And keep in mind: Morgan Freeman was reading a script written by someone else.

Sorry, folks. The penguins hook up for a season. They get it on, they care for the egg and the eventual chick, and then, when summer comes, they part ways, and next season, they hook up with new penguins.

Which emulates many humans' behavior, after all. Just not in the way the Christian movement wants to acknowledge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then this story will surely give them a heart attack.

It's about gay penguins in Germany, but NYC has two homoSpheniscus demersus also.

Haven't they had Leviticus 18 read to them?!


12:19 PM  

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