Saturday, January 14, 2006

'Like, Ohmigod!', The Next Generation ...

So there I was, against my better judgment, on the corner of Michigan and Pearson, having just exited Water Tower Place. Michigan Avenue on a Saturday is a ridiculous place to be. But the wind did in G's mini-umbrella yesterday, and since I was the one to borrow it, I should be the one to replace it (and dispose of its crippled umbrella carcass).

Umbrella purchase made, I detoured through jewelry in a vain attempt to find new everyday earrings. Fed up, I made my way outside.

There, at the corner, waiting for the light to change, was a group of girls, all of 19, maybe? Young, cute, smiling too big for a picture one of them was taking (if I can see your molars when you smile, you're smiling too big) with the actual water tower in the background, and then one of them pointed to it and said something about the water tower, one of the few structures, as everyone knows, to survive the great Chicago fire.

And then I heard one of the young and the perky say, "Well, of course it survived the fire, cuz it's like, water. Obvi! OB-vi!"

Did I do that? When I was younger, did I utter annoying little phrases and half-words in an attempt to appear cute or edgy or whatever it is Ms. Obvi was going for?

I smirked to myself. I seem to smirk a lot lately. And I crossed the street, thinking, "Obvi? But, like, duh! What she said is like *so* going to be a blog entry!"


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