Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Key of G ...

He gave me his second set of keys.

They're not for me to keep, mind you. But it makes more sense for me to have a set while I'm here. No need to coordinate our comings and goings.

The other day, he made a crack about how I've already had the chance to get the keys duplicated. I told him I had a purse full of copies.

But giving someone a key to your home is a very big gesture. It's one thing when I have family staying with me from New York, say. Of course I give them a key. But in a relationship context, the tone is different.

G reads this blog (Hi, honey!), and I'm not quite sure what he'll make of this whole key discussion. Maybe guys don't think it's meaningful. Girls are always assigning meaning to everyday things, after all. But guys are also pretty territorial and their space is sacred to them, whether showplace or sty.

So that one little piece of metal seems to strongly reinforce what we're involved in here.

I don't call him my "boyfriend," because I'm 36 years old, and boyfriend sounds like I should be wearing his class ring. So I've been referring to him as "the man I'm dating," but that doesn't quite ring true, either. Dating sounds like we occasionally go to the movies.

Is there a word for what we are? Conversational shorthand?


Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

I once worked with a 50ish woman who referred to her live-in of 22 years as her boyfriend. What's wrong with that?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

friends with benefits
f$ck buddies

1:36 PM  

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