Sunday, January 15, 2006

I've Got The Music In Me ...

Truly, I'm fascinated with the link between music and memory.

Earlier, I put in a Billy Joel CD. (Yes, I bought one. Two, actually. It's a set. I like Billy Joel, and I don't have most of his earlier stuff, so "The Essential Billy Joel" seemed like a good idea.)

Remember "We Didn't Start The Fire"? Cool video. Groundbreaking song, or so it was to me, anyway. The litany of nouns standing in for the usual lyrics. Well, when's the last time I heard that song? Ten years ago? More?

And yet, I was able to rattle off every word of that song like I've been singing it every day of my life. Music is an amazing trigger. It's not like smelling chocolate chip cookies and thinking back to when you used to bake them with your mom. It's like a key that unlocks the part of your brain in which you'd stored the lyrics to "We Didn't Start The Fire," an area of your brain that you haven't accessed for years because there's been no call for it. But you hear the music and wham!, that little chunk of information is immediately accessed and the words, out they come.

The mind truly is a terrible thing to waste. Good thing I've filled mine up with Billy Joel lyrics.


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