Sunday, January 15, 2006

The iPod Nation ...

I am a new resident of the iPod nation.

No wonder there were 14 million of these puppies sold in 2005.

As I IMed to G earlier, "This iPod thing, it's life-changing."

"You got the virus now, too ...", he wrote. "Hehehe."

"Oh yeah," I replied. "I'm infected."

I am falling over, realizing that I'm holding more than 3,000 songs in my hand. I've already watched the "Lazy Sunday" SNL video on it three times, just because I can.

Anything I want to listen to, at any time, is just the lightest swipe of my finger away.

E.S. Posthumous one moment, Franz Ferdinand the next.

Oh, and speaking of music, G turned me on to Ezio, a British guitar duo, big in Germany and nowhere else, apparently. But if you can get your hands on "Black Boots on Latin Feet," you'll want to buy it. Trust me. Don't be swayed or disuaded by the name of the album: Latin it's not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .I've made up my mind: I'm gonna buy an MP3 player. I just don't know which one. I like the Ipod batteries, but do I really need something that small?

12:15 AM  

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