Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm A Doer ...

Where does motivation come from? Why does it elude me most of the time?

Today has been one of those insanely, inexplicably productive days. To wit, it's 9:20 Friday night and I'm at my computer. Why?, you ask? I dunno. I probably stepped into my office to check e-mail and then decided that I'd transfer those zillion work files over to my laptop that I've beem meaning to get out of my in box, and while I was at it, now seemed like the perfect time to delete a few hundred messages that I no longer needed. My Trash has 1,270 messages in it when I emptied it just now.

Clearly, I live on this machine.

Today I did actual work things. (One of my anonymous comment-posters left a comment a couple weeks ago ripping me for taking time to drink coffee and enjoy the serenity outside my dining-room window, intoning that I don't have a job, to which I say, "HELLO! I'm a WRITER! I WORK from HOME.") But I also ran errands and cooked and organized my office and bought new shoes. (New year, New Balance - maybe I should go into advertising after all ...)

The last few days of 2005 and the first few days of 2006 have been spent organizing and cleaning and generally getting my ducks in a row, which appears to be paying off, because I can't remember the last time I had so much inclination to do so much.

Of course, a good portion of my zeal could be stemming from the fact that G will be back in Chicago in fewer than 48 hours.

As Gretchen would say, I'm schmooped.


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