Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cleaning House ...

While I truly do need to put Swiffer to floor and toss in a few loads of laundry, this post is not about actual housecleaning but rather a collection of thoughts, comments, and observations from the past 22 hours (or whenever it was that I posted last).

1) "Munich."
Oh my. So difficult to watch. Another Spielberg experience that leaves you emotionally drained. Indeed, G's mood took a noticeable turn toward sullen after we got home from the theater last night. A friend of mine is in it and I'm enormously proud of his performance. He's a remarkable actor no matter the role, but being part of a Spielberg ensemble seems an especially big achievement and honor and he was simply terrific. It was the first movie G and I saw in a theater (as opposed to the projected experience in his apartment) and it certainly wasn't a "date" movie. But it's very, very powerful.

2) RAM and Tiger
My iMac is newly souped up with an additional 512 MB of RAM (thanks for installing it, honey!) and I upgraded my OS to 10.4.3. I don't know how I've lived without Tiger, and I've only been running it for an hour or so. Apple continues to blow my mind. Steve Jobs and the whole Cupertino clan are brilliant. And I don't care how much you love your PC, Apples simply kick PC ass on every level.

3) iPod
Mom and Dad gave me a lovely video iPod for Christmas, but alas, I needed at least 10.3.9 to run it, and I was still in the iMac dark ages of 10.2.8. So I needed to ugrade my OS to use the iPod, but I needed to upgrade my RAM in order to upgrade my OS. And the first RAM module I bought wasn't recognized by my machine, so I got another and I am currently charging/uploading my pod (song 406 of 3018). Later, I will take my iPod for a walk.

4) Photo Op
Now that my machine is all up to date, I'm gonna try linking a photo to this post to see if my machine will allow it. In the past, Safari would crash if I tried to attach a photo to a post, but I'm optimistic that those days are behind me, too. As Steve Martin says in "The Jerk" when he spies his name in the phonebook, "Things are going to start happening for me *now.*" Of course, he finds himself dodging a hail of sniper fire. But I'm sure the new computing wonderfulness will mean good things moving forward. Let's try posting a picture, shall we? Hmm. How about a shot of me drinking wine at my birthday lunch a couple months ago? Hey! It works! Life is good.

5) G
It wasn't an intentional plan, but G and I ended up, essentially, spending the entire week together. I can only speak for myself, of course, but it felt entirely normal.


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