Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beyond Belief ...

I arrived home with too many things in my hands, so I grabbed the mail out of my mailbox and balanced it among the other stuff into my office. Bills. Swell.

Just now, I noticed a non-bill. A card from Doreen. Doreen is very good about sending cards for no special reason, or thank-you notes, or clippings she thinks I'd like to see.

Today's missive is a bit of each, but it is mostly a massive dose of encouragement.

I'm overwhelmed.

Why do others often believe in us more than we believe in ourselves?

Doreen, since I've known her, has gently been prodding me to pursue my baking full-time. (She was one of the recipients of cookies last month during my holiday cookie giveaway to friends.) Today's mail is yet another nudge. "This is a thank-you note and ode to a kvell-worthy cookie assortment. I think your cookies need to be pictured in a cookbook next to their recipes. Each and every cookie is perfectly shaped and photo-shoot worthy. ... If you had a bakery you could name it 'Kvellworthy Cookies' and market to the Jews," she wrote. "They would 'get it.' "

Enclosed was a clipping from January's O Magazine. "I came across this article in Lychelle's O magazine," she wrote. "I read this woman's story and looked at her cookies ... I know if you wanted to you would be more successful than she is. Her cookies are UGLY!!"

And she proceeded to suggest how I should go about securing funding for my business venture, even offering to do the bookkeeping for me ... in exchange for cookies.

: o )

I'm so touched by her support and encouragement. Part of me mulls the idea of becoming a full-fledged Cookie Queen. Part of me wonders what holds me back. Doreen can be my bookkeeper. G has an MBA; he can offer business advice. I don't fancy myself a numbers person. Some months it's all I can do to get my checkbook to balance.

But the pieces are in place. I could do this. Why don't I? Does my oft-cited assertion hold any water, that if I spent 10 hours a day in the kitchen, I'd lose my love for it? Maybe. Is it an issue of surrendering some control? Sure. I've always figured I could never own a restaurant because I'd want to do everything. Food is an extension of the person who prepares it, and I don't trust anyone to bake with the same love and attention to detail that I give my food. Is it possible to maintain my high standard in mass production? Hmm. Maybe.

Food for thought.


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