Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How cool is this?

Jenna Glatzer, she of Absolute Write and the Stories of Strength anthology I blogged about, sent around the above-mentioned site in her weekly newsletter. (Click on the title of the post to go there.)

Four years ago, I interviewed a man for a story I was doing for the Chicago Tribune. His name is John. We were on the phone for 90 minutes, but only 45 minutes had anything to do with the story. The rest of the time we were just chatting. I found him fascinating. (Still do.) His childhood in Philly, his service in the Pacific in World War II, his days as a bigwig on Madison Avenue, producing commercials in Hollywood, hanging out with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner at the Russian Tea Room.

We're friends to this day. I try to get to New York once a year to see him. This year, dad's unexpected hospital stint made me cancel my plans. But we write. A lot. He has amazing stories to tell. I love him to pieces.

So I think is awesome. My hat's off to the kids who started it.

Consider signing up. You'll make someone's life less lonely. That's a very big gift.


Anonymous Ellen said...

That's my Dad! And he's fascinating, and an excellent writer. He's also a disobedient war hero

11:49 AM  

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