Thursday, December 22, 2005

Winter Wonderland ...

Last night, late, I went outside to put my car away.

The air seemed foggy but different somehow, and when I hit the button on my key fob to unlock my car and the lights went on, I could see in the beams of the headlights a falling mist.

Not snow. Now freezing rain. Not fog. Mist.

As I shut the front door for the night, I looked through the window at the diffused light of the streetlamp. Pretty.

This morning, I made my usual rounds, opening curtains, raising shades. As pulled back the curtains in my dining room, I nearly gasped. My backyard has never looked so beautiful. Everything is frosty white. It's very serene.

So my Christmas tree is glowing and the cookies are baked and the presents are wrapped and today I will go into the city and play Cookie Fairy, delivering festive bags full of cookies, each kind bundled up in cellophane, tied with a ribbon and tag, to my friends.

But for now, I will make coffee ("because we like something warm to drink in the morning," as Dave says, which I think of often, and which always makes me smile) and turn on quiet Christmas music and look at the serenity outside my dining room window and breathe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have a JOB where you have time to bake cookies and hang out and do whatever. While the rest of the world toils away with real jobs. Have a Merry Christmas, I hope you find God in your life.
John 3:16

11:41 PM  

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