Saturday, December 31, 2005

Standing On The Brink ...

A year ago today, I sat in the Starbucks at Chicago Avenue and Franklin, and wrote my goals for 2005.

I'd never actually commited goals to paper. Goals, I call them, not resolutions, because resolutions never stick. But Doreen had mentioned writing them down and sealing them in an envelope and tucking them away.

So I did.

Last week, on the phone with L.A. Dave, figuring it was close enough to the end of the year, I opened the envelope.

I did pretty well.

I wrote down nine goals. I didn't complete every one exactly as I had written it, but I touched on every one, some more than others. And as many of them are life-long things, it's not like I was going to "complete" them in one year anyway.

But the wheels are turning. All nine of them.

This year, I'll sit down and write them again. I like this exercise. I believe intention counts for a lot of what happens in our lives, and this is a good way of thinking through what you want and channeling it into one permanent place.

On balance, 2005 was a good year. There was some profound sadness, but there was also profound joy. It's the yin and yang of life, isn't it? The physics of karma: If the pendulum swings wide into darkness, it also swings equally as wide into the light.

I wish us all health and happiness and love in the new year and always.

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