Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Need A Little Christmas Now ...

First of all, may I just ask what the hell is up with the weather these days?

It's freezing in Chicago. Like 20 degrees colder than it should be for this time of year, which, by the way, is still technically fall.

But winter officially arrives on December 21, and four days later, Christmas comes again.

I finally found cards yesterday. Every year, I travel from store to store and bitch about the dearth of cards I'd even consider buying. And every year, I vow to start my own line of greeting cards, and every year, I don't. Maybe next year ...

The cookie list has been written and the ingredients have been purchased, but I've yet to bake a single cookie. I've really got to get on that.

And I need to get a tree.

And I need to finish shopping.

And I need to wrap presents.

And I need to decorate the house.

I really like Christmas, the warm feeling it brings. I love sitting in my living room in the glow of the tree. I love how excited the kids are on Christmas Eve at my mom's house, itching to open the presents.

One of my all-time favorite Christmas memories is of my niece lying on my mom's bedroom floor at the foot of her bed, hidden from view, her head next to her new Miss Kitty CD player boom box playing her new "The Wizard of Oz" CD, singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in her soft little voice. I almost melted.

Today, the cards will get mailed and I'll trudge down to the basement and haul up boxes of Christmas stuff. I don't deck too many halls, but I always feel better when certain things are in certain places.


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