Saturday, December 17, 2005

Double Dating ...

Last night, G met the first of my friends.

Gretchen and Norberto (who goes by Q) invited us to join them for dinner at an out-of-the-way Italian joint. The copy for the restaurant (from Metromix, perhaps) said it was dimly lit and very romantic. Well, that's a lie. But the food was good.

In honor of John, who likes it when I write about food, I'll tell you that we started with the prosciutto, fig, and cheese appetizer, both gorgonzola and goat. Very tasty. Three of us split a bottle of pinot grigio and we all had pasta. Gretchen and G had linguini with pesto (excellent pesto, but the pasta wasn't linguini), Q had the linguini with white clam sauce, and I had the carbonara, my Italian restaurant litmus test. It was good. I've had better. Actually, I make better. But that's another story.

Dinner was fun. G has told me in the past that he's typically very quiet when meeting people for the first time, but he must have felt comfortable because he piped up from time to time with some very funny lines.

We were far too full to have coffee or dessert. Just as well. I was nearly in a carbohydrate coma as it was. But stepping outside into the frigid Chicago air woke me right back up.

At home, we decided to go to bed early. It was probably 10:20 when I turned out the light. He put his arms around me and I put my head on his chest and said, "We are *so* in our late 30s." In bed, in sweats, at 10:20 on a Friday night. Ah, romance.

Right now, I'm at my friend Jay's office. G drove me here, even though it's far out of his way. Jay and I will have lunch, and then, if he has time, we'll meet up with G at Julius Meinl, the terribly quaint Austrian coffee house nearby.

Later, "Elf" is on the schedule. G has never seen all of it, and I figure it will put him in a holiday mood before his office Christmas party tonight.

And I will go home and bake. Christmas is a week away and I am far, far behind.


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