Friday, December 16, 2005

Coming Home ...

My dad came home from the hospital yesterday.

So begins the next chapter of the story.

I saw him at the hosptial two days ago and he looked rather healthy and rather bored.

He went into the hospital a week ago Monday, so this has been quite a stint, given the ever-increasing drive-thru nature of our healthcare system.

So he's home well before Christmas, which was a big concern of his, that he'd be laid up in the hospital for the holidays. We all assured him that he'd be home, but dad can be a pessimist. Which is why it's a good thing that he's married to an optimist. The yin and yang of marriage.

I went to their house last night and annoucned, "I'm here to see you in your natural habitat."

Dad, who doesn't wear his hearing aids, but should, said, "Me, too."

I had a bit of dinner with them and then washed dishes for mom. She's been through enough the past 10 days. I try to do the little things to make her life easier: Pick up dinner, put gas in her car.

Dad vows that his eating habits will change. Time will tell. As his recovery continues and he feels better and better, I wonder if his memory of this ordeal will fade and he'll think, "Hey, I can eat that!"

But last night, he had two bites of chicken left on his plate and he said he was full. The Old Dad would have just eaten it. The New Dad told mom to save it for him to eat later.

So she did. There's a one-inch square piece of chicken in waxed paper the fridge.

Today is his first full day home. Mom is staying home from work to be with him.

This is where the story will get interesting.


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