Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Have just seen a report - for the second time today - about the Government Accountability Office's report that most airline cargo is never scanned beore it's loaded onto planes, that only about one third of the companies shipping the cargo are registered with the TSA.

Why? Because it would cost nearly $4 billion over 10 years to implement the necessary scanning equipment.

I ask this without a partisan bone to pick, but how much have we spent so far in Iraq?

The TSA is balking over $4 billion over 10 years? So that 6 billion pounds - SIX BILLION POUNDS - of cargo could be checked annually?

I have to wait in line for 30 minutes to get through security and take off my shoes in case I'm trying to smuggle something onto the plane in the soles, but once I get on that plane, there are thousands of pounds of cargo sitting right below me that no one checked before it got loaded onto the plane? Because it would cost too much money to check it?



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