Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stories Of Strength ...

Stories of Strength - An Anthology for Disaster Relief

Every week, I receive a newsletter from Jenna Glatzer is the editor of the site. I look forward to the weekly e-mail, always scrolling immediately to her letter, which always begins, "Hiya, writers!" Her writing has an easy, chatty tone. Aside from the site, she is a prolific writer. Honestly, I don't think the woman sleeps. She always has more than one book project in the works.

She also has an enormous heart. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the south, Jenna, who never thinks small, immediately set out to help. She has built a vast community of writers and she tapped us to help her compile an anthology of stories of strength. (I didn't contribute a story, but I'll do my part to help her publicize the book.)

The book, Stories of Strength, went on sale yesterday. November 1. Just more than two months after Katrina unleashed its wrath and washed away the lives of so many of our families and friends.

Those who survived are living in a world forever changed. Their stories retreated from the headlines as the flood waters receded from their cities. But even as life slowly returns to sift through the devastation, surely many days continue to be marked by despair and fear and a helplessness we can hardly know.

Stories of Strength is a reminder that the human spirit endures, survives, and ultimately thrives.

There aren't words to describe how proud I am of Jenna for what she's done. Click on the title of this post or the logo above to learn more or to buy copies of the anthology. Everyone involved donated their time and effort. The proceeds will go to benefit various charities including the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Jenna is working on making the book available through major retailers, as well.

Please pass this information along and visit the site to learn of more ways you can help. Jenna hopes to raise $100,000 for the relief effort. I think she will far surpass her goal. Let's all do what we can to help her.

And help those in need.

Love to you all,


Blogger Jenna Glatzer said...

Thanks, Beth!

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Sara Spock said...

Beth, thanks so much for mentioning Stories of Strength. It's such a great project. Jenna is amazing, isn't she :)


11:13 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Jenna, you couldn't be more welcome. I'm so proud of you. Sara, yes, Jenna is amazing! And thank you for being a part of the project.

11:28 AM  

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