Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Seasoned ...

Here's a thought:

Why is it that I love fall?

Sure, it's pretty. Crunching through the leaves. Pumpkins. As I wrote to a friend the other day, "The color of the changing leaves changes the quality of the light."

But as I walked on this cold, grey day, noticing the trees that are almost completely bare, I began to wonder if I'm fond of fall because it is the season that forces us back indoors. The weather changes, the days grow shorter, sociability wanes.

Do I like fall because it's aligned with my private nature? Wouldn't the reclusive nature of winter suit me even better then?

There are parts of winter that I relish: Sunny snowy mornings, bundled up and braced for the cold as I step outside to shovel the snow that sparkles. Hollywood snow, I call it. Fluffy, like shoveling cotton, light glinting off its surface like snowglobe glitter. Early in the morning, it is quiet and it is Zen, the repetitive swipes of my shovel sweeping arcs of snow side to side.

But other parts of winter sadden me: Darkness at 4 in the afternoon, malformed piles of dirty snow, barren trees, dead grass.

I've long thought that the earth should be divided into quadrants where each season exists perpetually. Feeling like a little fall? Go to the fall quadrant. In the mood to hit the slopes? The winter quadrant awaits. The summer quadrant would be full of beaches and concerts in parks. And it would always be springtime in Paris.

But for now it is fall. The leaves are down, the wind is up. Winter is on its way.

Time to bake some bread.


Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

I love the changing seasons. The summer is the extreme of hot and winter is the extreme of cold. But the transitional seasons of Fall and Spring remind me that everything in this world is cyclical.

Fall reminds us that everything bad in our lives can die away with the grass and something new and better will take it's place as the Spring brings hope for a new beginning.

Both Fall and Spring warn us of what's to come and remind us of pleasent days past. The first snow usually comes in Fall as does the last Indian Summer day. I can't wait to pull out the shorts the first nice day of Spring knowing that there's a change it might be 30 the next day.

There's no better time than the chaning seasons.

11:41 AM  

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