Saturday, November 19, 2005

'Me And You And Everyone We Know' ...

Some movies are great. Some movies are weird. Some movies fool you. This is one of those movies.

Starting out, it felt weird. There's no theatrical preamble. We don't get the whole set up over an elaborate opening-credits sequence. We're plopped down in the middle of the lives of two of the characters, one of whom sets his hand on fire. Weird, right?

But by the end of it, I realized it was great.

Miranda July, a performance artist who plays a performance artist in the film (who also drives elderly people around on errands), wrote and directed this film in addition to starring in it.

She's terrific. Everyone in it is terrific, most of all Brandon Ratcliff who plays 6-year-old Robby. I was transfixed by his talent.

This film won a heap of awards on the festival circuit (which sounds only marginally impressive, until you realize that two of the festivals are Sundance and Cannes). Ebert gave it four stars. His review of it is terrific. I always wait until after I see a movie to read his reviews, but I nodded in agreement all the way through (except where he says Robby is 7; in the film, his mom says he's 6). You can read his review by clicking the title of the post.

But I'd recommend watching it first. I think the less you know about it, the more it will affect you.


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