Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Still November, People ...

A house across the street is fully bedecked for the holidays in all its colored-light glory.

I saw the lights on last night, and thought, "It's not even Thanksgiving," but then I also thought that perhaps they were just checking out their work, making sure all the strands were lit and all that. Yesterday was a nice day to be outside decorating. Better now than some blustery December day.

But when I ran an errand earlier, the lights were on again. Clearly, that family intendeds to get maximum mileage out of Christmas.

I shouldn't be surprised or chagrined by this. The town square has been decorated for more than a week, wreaths on the lamp posts, nativity scene on the courthouse lawn.


Nativity scene? On the *courthouse* lawn?

Those of you who know me know I'm not a religious person. Spiritual, yes. Religious, no. But what's with the nativity scene on government property? I don't begrudge anyone their religion, but shouldn't I also be seeing a menorah, and some representation of kwanzaa, and any other symbol of any other religion's observance of a December holiday?


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