Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Help Me To Understand ...

So yesterday, Bush stood at a podium and vehemently asserted that the
United States does not torture. And yet Bush says he'll veto any
legislation that crosses his desk that outlaws torture (which the
Senate approved 90 - 9).

Hmm. I wonder why Bush doesn't want anything on the books? I wonder why
it's recently come to light that the U.S. has secret prisons sprinkled
throughout Europe? Wonder what goes on in those? Something tells me
they're not the Club Feds that our white-collar criminals end up in. No
satellite TV and air-conditioned exercise rooms, I'm betting.

Why is it that any average citizen understands that torture, in
addition to being a crappy tool to extract information from a prisoner,
threatens the safety and well-being of any U.S. citizen who may be
captured, and, by the way, is just really shitty national P.R.

The "Well, they do it!" excuse isn't good enough. We're supposed to be
a civilized nation. Civilized nations treat people civilly.

I'm not naive. I know that people probably get roughed up in police
stations every day all across America. And any police chief would say
that behavior is not allowed. It happens anyway, but it's not allowed.

But by opposing legislation, Bush may say the U.S. doesn't torture, but
he wants torture to be allowed.

Maybe in the mind of Bush, Abu Graib wasn't torture. Maybe it was just
humiliation. Maybe, in his mind, that's OK.


Blogger Dave said...

Your last line is interesting: "Maybe [Abu Ghraib] wasn't torture (to Bush). Maybe it was just humiliation." Indeed, maybe it was. Consider that Bush, like many of his generation and status (and not just one party) is a product of the Greek system, which hazed prospective brothers unabashedly during the 1960s and '70s. The photos that we saw from the Iraqi prisons may have been just up the alley of what W. and his ilk took part in back in the day. If you're brought up to thing that something is OK, even if it isn't, it's hard to think the other way later on.

This isn't an excuse for Bush; far from it. Actually, it's a condemnation of the Greek system (guess that I wasn't part of that party?).

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I've been reading your blog for a while now. Mostly for the entertainment value. Your liberal socialist views always make me chuckle. But the absurdity of this one really takes the cake. Do you think time-outs would be more effective? Sorry, these terrorists want us dead, plain and simple, and will stop at nothing to see that the extermination of every non-muslim is accomplished. It amazes me how the short term memory of liberal America is just that-short term. Never mind that thousands perished on 9/11 at the hands of terrorists, never mind people were killed in a previous attack on the World Trade Center, never mind that muslim terrorists have bombed and killed Americans in their embassys, never mind the bombing of the USS Cole, never mind the torture that Saddam Hussein inflicted on his own people-the death camps, rape rooms, torturing children, etc etc etc. Sorry, I don't believe terrorists are capable of being civil, and need to be handled accordingly. I think it's time that you left the bubble that you live in and move to liberal socialist France where things are so much better.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I don't have a short-term memory, my friend. I still have the Post-It Note up on my wall on which I wrote "8:16 Mom World Trade Center," from when she called that morning when I was on the phone, wanting to know where my cousins worked in relation to the towers. I hadn't yet turned on my TV. So at the time, I thought it was an odd question. And there it sits, where I stuck it to the wall that day. The ink is very faded at this point, but I can't take it down. I'm very mindful of the people who perished that day.

But I'll never believe that torture is condonable. Just as I don't believe in the death penalty. Killing someone to punish them for killing someone still makes you a killer. You just get to hide behind the cloak of "justice."

I'm glad my liberal blog entertains you. I'll keep right on writing.

9:33 AM  

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