Friday, November 11, 2005

Bravo! ...

Last night was opera night at my niece's grade school.

I love school programs. I love how sweet all the kids are, how brave. I love that everyone is featured, whether or not they can really carry a tune. They're all little stars.

The opera - thankfully in English - was about problems and how we deal with them. All of the principles came to learn that what was most important when faced with a trial or tribulation was their frame of mind. "Think, think, think!" the chorus would sing. And they'd think, and they'd see their problem in a new light, and realize it wasn't really a problem after all. Sweet, huh?

The programs, which had more advertising sold into them than any of the Playbills I worked on when I was involved in high school theater, had space on the back cover for autographs. Underneath all her friends' autographs, my niece drew a squiggly circle and labeled it, "My Family," and asked us all to sign it, too.

Her brother, who also goes to the school, helped out at the refreshments table after the show. (It's a very nice idea to have a "reception," but cramming several hundred people into a school hallway has to be some kind of major violation of the fire code.) Once the crowds subsided, I went to visit him. I took a blue cup full of 7-Up, and a pink frosted cookie, replete with sprinkles. I walked back down the hall to where all the family was gathered (I think it's awesome that all the grandparents and aunts and such live close enough to come to all these things) and said, "You know you're in grade school when you get to eat sugar and wash it down with a glass of sugar." And hey, my cookie was frosted, so I had sugar on top of the sugar that I washed down with sugar.

Earlier, as we were waiting to go into the gym for the performance, I was noticing the projects taped to the walls. The theme was My Hero. Some children picked their moms and dads, some picked grandparents, one girl picked Hilary Duff, and one boy picked squirrels.


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