Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Writers Write ...

Ethan is becoming my daily inspiration here. His recent post comments on a writer who's thinking of pursuing an MFA, but the writer's dream is to write a book. Ethan writes: "... this story is another example of knowing when to quit stalling and start achieving."


You don't need an MFA to write a book. You don't even need a BA. You need talent and perseverance. Writing degrees are stall tactics, pursued by writers who are unsure of their abilities, who want to be patted on the head by a professor and told that they can write. That doesn't matter, though.

I took a singing class so that a professional could "validate" whether I can sing. She did. And that validation didn't do a damn thing toward helping me get up in front of people and perform.

When it comes to creative pursuits, you have to believe in yourself, and with apologies to Nike, just do it.


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