Thursday, October 06, 2005

Renewed Faith ...

I have a number of blogs bookmarked. Checking them is part of my morning ritual, looking for fresh posts. is one of the sites.

He's a good writer, Waiter. He tells tales of life at his restaurant, pissy customers, staff strife, there's always plenty of drama and pathos.

Yesterday's post began "Beth and I ..." which drew me right in. I don't see my name used much. I think it's rather uncommon.

Waiter doesn't write fluff. Even his fluff is crafted in such a way that those looking for lessons can find them. But this post was especially thoughtful, Biblical for most of the body of it, and confessional, too. It's been nearly a year since Waiter and his ex split up, and he wants to find love again, the closest he believes he'll come to finding heaven on Earth.

I clicked on the Comments to see what some of his readers had to say, and one poster gave me enormous hope and took my breath away. He wrote: "You make me want to love my girlfriend even more."


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