Thursday, October 20, 2005

Foiled Again ...

Yup, still can't post a photo to my blog without crashing my browser, which is OK, because Dave sent the shot from the United Center and while he looks great (he always looks great - he's one of those annoying perfectly photogenic people), I don't like how I look (though I rarely do) and the angle of the photo doesn't do the hair justice anyway.

So I can't post one of my own photos, but perhaps I can link to another photo that's already posted to the Web, so I started thinking about whose hair I could point to to illustrate JD's recent brilliance, and a thought came to me that is both funny and alarming:


So I'm attempting to link to a photo of Jane with this blog post. We'll see it works. This isn't exactly my style, as my hair isn't so full on top and I don't have bangs like her, but it's close, and the color is pretty close, too.

[Nope, trying to link to another image on the Web crashes my browser, too. So I've just made the title of the post a hotlink to the image in question. Technology. Grr.]


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