Thursday, October 27, 2005

Comic Relief ...

L.A. Dave gets props for telling me about "I Am Not An Animal," a BBC comedy series that calls into serious question the sanity of the tea-and-crumpets set. The title of this post links to the BBC's page for the show, from which you can link to video clips.

In one such clip - "What Is Love?" - Winona the dog, wearing way too much purple eyeshadow, is reading "UH!" magazine, which I took to be a spoof of "OK!" magazine, and though the clip is only :55, I was sufficiently amused and disturbed.

I've been very aware of laughing today. It's a welcome diversion from being pissed off at my father, who does indeed need surgery (one doctors says in two weeks, one doctor says in two months). Mom and I were just at the hospital to get the low-down, and Dad actually had the gaul to say, about why this is happening, "It's nothing I did wrong."

Correctly sensing that my mother was about to spit nails, he retreated and said, "Well, I shouldn't put it that way," at which point mom lit into him, and I tried to make myself invisible by washing my hands.

He knows that he's responsible for the mess he's in, and he knows we know he knows. And the sympathy meter is deep in the red.


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