Saturday, September 24, 2005

People Are Stupid ...

It's a long story, how I came to know about this, but here's the take-home part:

Someone on eBay is selling a half-drunk bottle of water. The missing half of the water was allegedly consumed by Britney Spears while she was in this hospital, about to have lil' Preston yanked out of her womb.

The eBay headline is thus: "BRITNEY SPEARS. IT'S A BOY! "A must see auction" Own Britney's disgarded water bottle. 50% to RED CROSS."

Yes, Britney's "disgarded" water bottle can by yours, if you hurry.

The auction has 1 day and 3 hours left.

The bidding began at $1.00. It is up to $455.



Hey, I love Bruce Springsteen, but I wouldn't buy the Snack Pack Pudding lid he licked (I have no way of knowing if Bruce ever eats pre-fab pudding; I'm guessing not. He seems pretty healthy, but I like the image.). I love Sting, but I wouldn't buy his half-munched carrot.

Gullible much, people? Hey, I just discovered a bottle of mustard in my fridge that was once used by Marilyn Monroe. I wonder how much someone would pay for THAT?!


Blogger c said...

but would you buy a half-drunk guinness of bono's?
just passing through. i like your blog.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Yes I would! But only if it came in the original glass and he'd licked all the way around the rim! Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

7:52 PM  

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