Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World ...

One never knows, in this country these days, just when a bunch of religious kooks in Washington might decide, a la "Footloose," that music and dancing are bad, so I'm gonna get while the gettin's good.

On a whim yesterday, I searched for some U2 tickets. They're back in Chicago for two nights. The main Ticketmaster page said the show I wanted was sold out. I searched anyway.

I found a single ticket at the back of the floor, in the first tier of seats. Cool. But I wanted a pair.

So I searched. For about an hour, searching and releasing and searching again. Most seats were behind the stage. Why would anyone go to a show and sit behind the stage? Some seats were *way* far away, in the third tier corner.

My general take on concerts is that it doesn't matter where you sit; you're in the same room with the people on the stage.

But I didn't buy the crummy seats.

Last night, after seeing a segment on the news with incredibly bad audio, I came back to my computer to search, on a lark.

Whatever, right?

And then I screamed.

Section 112, Row 8. I pulled up the seating chart. Based on what Dave told me about the show he went to, and the configuration of the stage, these might be some of the most amazing seats in the house.

Bought the pair, didn't care that they cost too much money. I've never seen U2. I'll probably never see them again.

And when mom finds out she's going to see Bono tonight, she's gonna plotz.


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