Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's Not A Profession, It's A Sickness ...

For some reason, I had a dream last night in which I was giving someone local directions, and in my dream, I said to myself something like, "That's ridiculous. No one would believe that," as though the directions were some kind of fiction, and I'd decided that the directions I'd given weren't plausible.

I was editing my dream. Editing in my sleep.

Do other people do this? Do doctors diagose people in their dreams? Do engineers engineer things in their dreams? Even so, isn't it extra weird to EDIT a DREAM? What kind of screwed-up perfectionism is that, to edit a dream? It's a dream, for God's sake. There's no right and wrong. There's no plausible and implausible. In a dream, I could be a unicorn in a football helmet, traveling to another galaxy where gnomes only eat Peking duck. Dream dictionaries might be at a loss to explain it, and a therapist might have a field day with it, but it wouldn't be wrong.

It would be weird, but it wouldn't be wrong.

Editing dreams. Yikes.


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