Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gullible much? ...

I shudder to think of the IQs of the women who will reply to this post on Craigslist (note the apostrophe deficiency):


im writing a book about men...and I need to talk to women for research.. this is not a lie.its real..its platonic.. whatever. I will not be interested at making a pass at you because im dating a woman..and she is fine.. we've been dating for like 2 months..

I have an advance on this I have spent the last 2 months talking to a ton of women on the east and west coast. I need to interview women in from chicago..

here is the criteria..

you must be beautiful....please dont email me saying i dont know if youre beautiful..i just need the truth..please..inner beauty..this book is not about

must be intelligent..

must be preferred.

must be mentally sound..

must be able to talk for an hour...

I will provide coffee or lunch..or whatever..

i spent the last 3 months looking at fake boobs in please dont reply if you have fake boobs.


As the friend who sent me the link said, "If this guy's a writer, I'm Matt Damon."


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