Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What Matters ...

Strange, how life can change in an instant. How everything you take for granted can suddenly be thrown into the air, and you're not quite sure how it will all land.

Sunday, I received an early-morning phone call. In my world, phone calls after 11 p.m. and before 7 a.m. are never about anything good.

My mother was calling to tell me my brother was in the emergency room. And the past few days have been anything but normal, trips to the hospital, trips to his house to be with his kids, running errands, whatever was needed.

It was scary and tiring, most of all for his wife, but it was also a welcome reminder of what matters: there's nothing more important than your health, and family is a pretty close second. I smiled at the steady stream of visitors Brian was receiving, all people whom he sees on a regular basis, but still heartwarming to be reminded of how much they care. We don't tell each other often enough.

He's home today, earlier than expected, sporting a heart montior around his neck, with weekly appointments to visit the hospital for other tests.

I'm so grateful that he's OK, and I'm also, as a result of this out-of-nowhere scare, newly committed to eating even better, exercising even more.

Thanks to those of you who sent good thoughts his way.

They worked.


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