Sunday, August 28, 2005

Something We Seem To Know Nothing About ...

I love that the Chinese version of "The Apprentice" will not feature the phrase "You're fired," but instead, "You will have a better opportunity somewhere else."

Ah, those Chinese! So polite.

My cousin Barry, an architect, travels to China frequently and once noticed (and photographed) a "Keep off" sign in a park that said, in its polite Chinese way: "Please do not disturb the dreams of grass."

Ah, those Chinese! So surreal.


Blogger Dave said...

Well, how does what the Chinese say rank with Martha Stewart's finally-announced tag line: "You're just not the right fit." ?! "You're just not the right fit?" What the F kind of tag line is that? Is that what the slammer has done to Martha? Why not "Your ass is shanked" or something like that.

Seriously, I jest. 'Cause I don't really care what Martha will say. The Chinese, on the other hand ...

I'm babbling now.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I want to correct myself. Martha's tag line is actually "You just don't fit in." That makes all the difference. :)

11:58 PM  

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